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The middle school consists of three classrooms where students ages range from approximately 9 – 14.

During these years students learning incorporates their individual academic, physical, social and personal needs into their daily learning experiences.  Programmes cater for the individual learning styles and needs of students, providing them with the opportunity to achieve positive learning outcomes, build on prior knowledge and skills and experience success.

All students continue to have a Negotiated Education Plan to address and support their learning needs.

Suneden also provides students with activities/programmes that promote and encourage independence as well as social/emotional sell-being.  Some of which include;

  • Keeping Safe at Suneden (Protective Behaviours Curriculum)
  • The “Suneden 5”
  • Swimming
  • Shopping/Cooking
  • Gymnastics
  • Money Programmes
  • Sensory Regulation Programmes
  • Social Skills