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Specialist Staff

The multi-disciplinary approach to learning at Suneden involves teaching and specialist staff (speech pathology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy) joining together to develop curriculum and access to curriculum that is appropriate to the individual needs of the learner in their learning space.


Our Speech Pathologists role is to guide the teaching and Student Support Officer staff to use the “best fit” communication systems for the students in their classrooms.   This guidance takes place in the student’s primary learning place: typically the classroom; but it could also include assisting communication that takes place naturally in the local community outings.

Our Speech Pathologist has extensive experience in Special Schools and within the University Sector as a lecturer in the Speech Pathology Degree courses. She maintains links with University through supervising Speech Pathology students on our site, and by providing guest lectures both in Adelaide and beyond. She has expertise in the support of various Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems (i.e. PODD), communication applications for use with tablet devices, specific speech generating devices (ie Tobii Dynavox, Nova Chat), Interactive approaches to communication (ie Intensive Interaction, DIR Floortime); as well as in the facilitation of safe mealtimes for learners with complex needs.

She is always happy to talk to parents about their student’s communication needs just as she is keen to liaise with your child’s private speech therapy providers to ensure consistency of ideas across home and the classroom. She is also an excellent resource person for mealtime support enquiries.



Suneden has a full time Occupational Therapist (OT) to support students with their learning participation.

She works in close consultation with the class teachers to address specific student needs. She  also works in consultation with your child’s private OT in order for goals to be consistent.

Our Occupational Therapist works on a range of skills including: fine motor skills (e.g. developing pincer grasp, bilateral coordination), gross motor development (e.g. balance, coordination, motor planning and core body strength, postural control), play skills (e.g. turn taking, role play, social interaction, problem solving), self care skills ( e.g. dressing, toileting) and sensory integration (e.g. exploring a range of sensory experiences, developing a sensory diet, relaxation/calming strategies).



Suneden Specialist School appointed a Physiotherapist in 2015.

She is able to observe and work with students across various settings throughout the school day and provide resources to support movement in the classroom. She implements individualised exercise programs where necessary and liaises with families and staff regarding equipment needs and strategies to assist with identified goals. In addition, she liaises with student’s private physiotherapists and Novita services to oversee Transfer and Positioning Care Plans and to assist with consistency of plans across both school and home.

Each morning our Physiotherapist runs “Big Body Play” for all students to encourage motor planning, skill acquisition, brain development, strength, fitness, communication and team work. She also organises the school’s sport programs and external sporting teams and events throughout the year.  She also assists with staff Pilates training, back care and manual handling training.