Suneden Specialist School provides a bus service for students attending the school where it is safe and reasonable to do so.

Safety of this service is of paramount concern. Bus travel may not be a suitable option for students who are unsettled or disruptive on the bus runs and Suneden Specialist School is under no obligation to transport all students.

Difficulties which arise will be documented and then communicated to families either via the Bus Coordinator or the Principal.

The service operates within a set zone which is subject to change each year depending upon student numbers and demographics. Students living outside of the zone will be able to access the service from a designated pick-up or drop-off point.

The bus runs may be subject to change each term and where changes are made, they will be communicated to families via the Bus Coordinator.

Scheduled times for pickup and drop-off can only be approximate due to traffic conditions and student absences, etc. Please allow a generous 10 minute timeframe window on either side of the designated times for bus arrival.

If a student is not able to board the bus within 5 minutes of the bus arriving, the bus will need to continue its route in order to maintain its schedule.

Students are not to eat on the bus but staff may offer drinks as required. Mobile phone use by students is discouraged on the buses.
Where requests are made to drop a student off to an unattended house, a signed consent form must be lodged with the school.

Each bus will be staffed by a driver and a Bus Assistant. Routine Medication for administration at school is to be personally handed over to the Bus Assistant.

Emergency Medication (Midazolam, Epi-pen) must travel with the student in a locked container of their school bag.

Changes to student’s pick-up or drop-off may be able to be accommodated if they do not cause undue disruption to the set runs. Providing as much notice as possible will increase the chance that the change can be accommodated.



Suneden Specialist School is committed to providing a safe environment for students that minimises their risk of contracting viruses and bacterial infections. As such, it is expected that students enrolled at Suneden and their families will follow the guidelines outlined below.

Exclusion of ill students or staff

Suneden Specialist School follows the exclusion guidelines for contagious diseases as set out by SA Health. These exclusion periods can be found on the SA Health website www.sahealth.sa.gov.au and are based on the guidelines issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Exclusions apply to conditions such as diarrhoea, head lice, school sores, scabies, chicken pox, ring worm, mumps, rubella, measles, meningococcal infection, whooping cough and conjunctivitis.

Students who are unwell

Students who are presenting with illnesses or diseases which are not included on the list of SA Health exclusions may be required to produce a doctor’s certificate explaining the condition, its risks and its management and are expected to be kept home until their symptoms have improved. Students suffering from high temperature, vomiting, or who are otherwise unwell are also expected to be kept at home until their symptoms have improved.

Students who are unwell whilst at school will be sent home. If parents are unable to be contacted, an emergency contact will be called. Students  waiting collection will be cared for in the classroom.

Parents will be notified by email as soon as possible when there has been a confirmed diagnosis of a contagious disease.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are expected to collect their child from school if requested by staff and to keep their child home from school for the recommended exclusion periods as outlined by SA Health.

Parents have a responsibility to inform the school as soon as possible if their child is diagnosed with a contagious condition.

If necessary, parents may be required to obtain a clearance letter from their GP before their child
returns to school.


Suneden values the health, safety and wellbeing of all members of the school community and is committed to the development and maintenance of positive and respectful relationships with students and their families.

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong and we are committed to working together with you to resolve any concerns or complaints in a positive and considerate manner, helping us to improve our services to the Suneden community.
If you have an unresolved issue or complaint, please follow the steps as outlined below.

1. Discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher first. Many concerns may be due to a misunderstanding and/or issues relating to communication. In the majority of cases, these can be satisfactorily resolved informally and quickly with a conversation. It is important to maintain positive relationships between parents and staff.

2. If your concern cannot be informally resolved in this way, or if the concern is of a more serious nature, please make an appointment to discuss the issue with the Principal. The Principal may be able to offer an immediate/ prompt resolution or to be able make recommendations.

3. If this initial meeting with the Principal does not resolve your concern, then a Mediation meeting will be organised. This meeting will include the parent with the concern, the staff member(s) involved, the Principal and any support people for either the parent or the staff member.

4. If your concern is about the Principal, and you feel that the matter cannot be otherwise resolved, then you may choose to put your complaint in writing to the Chairperson, Suneden Specialist School Board of Management.

We understand that it can be difficult coming forward and expressing your concerns or making a complaint, however we assure you that you will be treated with respect, courtesy, and consideration.  Your concern or complaint will be listened to, taken seriously, and resolved fairly, reasonably and promptly.

Please note that as an Independent school, neither the Minister for Education nor the Department of Education have any power to directly intervene in any complaints relating to the operations of Suneden.