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We warmly encourage all parents to be actively involved in the school and be part of the school community.

Parents & Friends:
Parents can join our P& F group assisting in the organization of school activities such as Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, Easter egg hunt, School BBQ, and end of year Christmas party.

Morning teas:
We host regular morning teas with guest speakers for families to connect with each other and build a strong sense of community.

Facebook Page:  
We have a facebook page that is a private group for families to stay up to date and stay connected.

Go to the group with this link to join.

Parent Assistance:

Parents are encouraged to support their child on special excursions such as Variety Events.


The school fees are set at $3140 per year and are inclusive of all activities, and excursions.

The only exception to this is the school bus service which is billed at $2.50 per trip.

Fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, each term or annually and payment can be made through direct deposit, Bpay, credit card or cash.

Families who pay their school fees in full by the end of February each year are eligible for a 5% discount on school fees only.

Low income families may be eligible for a fee reduction. To determine if you are eligible for the fee reduction you will need to be assessed by Centrelink and the Dept for Education by making an application through www.sa.gov.au/education/schoolcard.

Please contact Melanie Douglas at mdouglas@suneden.sa.edu.au or on 8276 3953 if you have any questions or to arrange payment of your fees.


We need to account for all students each day. We certainly understand and support that when students are unwell they need to be kept home. If your child is absent you must notify the school through the following.

Please complete the form to notify the school or call the school on 8276 3953 or you can send an email to admin@suneden.sa.edu.au

Your Child's Details
Your Details
Reason for Absence
Dates of absence
Additional Information


We value open and honest communication with families.

Sharing of information about your child helps us helps us to better support your child to achieve their learning goals or to work through any concerns which may arise.

Seesaw App

Teachers use the Seesaw app as the main communication between school and home.

They will share photos of your child engaging in classroom activities  throughout the week as well as sending you direct messages to give you an update about your child’s day, send any reminders or advise of any concerns.

Parents are able to directly message the class teacher through the app to advise of any early pick ups or upcoming appointments, or anything else the teacher may need to know.

Teachers are always happy to have a quick chat with families at the beginning of each day. If you would like to discuss any issues or concerns at length, please arrange a time to meet with your child’s class teacher.

Individual Education Plan meetings are held in term 1 of each year.

Your child’s class teacher will provide you with their email details at the beginning of each year.


School Hours are 9am-3.15pm. 

Students can begin to arrive from 9am. Students have the first 30 mins to get themselves ready for learning time. Our classroom lessons officially begin at 9.30am.

The junior students often utilize this time to be outside in the junior playground to release some energy. Our middle and senior students may choose some time in the classroom courtyards, outside in the senior playground, the library or in their classroom with a quiet activity.

Parents and support carers can obtain a lanyard from Reception and bring students through to their classroom in the mornings.

Parents can obtain a lanyard and go through to collect your child from the classroom.

If your child is collected by a support worker, they will need to sign your child out on the iPad and advise Reception Staff. Reception Staff will call through to the classroom and your child will be brought out to the support worker.

Early Pick-Up/Late Drop off
If dropping your child in late (after 10am), or collecting them early (before 2.30am), please ensure to sign your child in or out on the iPad in Reception.

School Bus Service

Please contact Bek in the front office admin@suneden.sa.edu.au or by phone on 8276 3953 to request for your child to use the school bus service, to make changes to your child’s schedule, or if you have any other questions about the school bus service.

If your child will be absent from school, please remember to advise the school or to text your child’s designated bus.

Blue Bus: 0418 816 675
Red Bus: 0407 976 792
Green Bus: 0419 805 019
Yellow Bus: 0466 786 594

The bus service fee is $2.50 per trip and is in addition to school fees. This will be added to your account.

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