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Transition to Work


Suneden Specialist School offers a Transition to Work programme for students aged 17-19 years who have been identified as having the potential to move towards a supported or open work environment.

To facilitate an adult approach to learning, a vibrant and diverse program operates from a modern, architecturally designed building located on the grounds of the school.

Our Transition to Work program operates within a framework called ‘iTransition’ which has been developed by Suneden. It is linked to the Australian Curriculum, however it is a post-school age programme designed to be practical, meaningful and relevant to the needs of students transitioning from a structured school setting to the work environment.

iTransition comprises of five inter-related areas:

Transition to Work students engage in structured lessons in the school setting, along with community based learning opportunities including work experience, transport training, shopping, recreational activities and volunteering.

In addition to this the students may develop and participate in micro-business opportunities to promote creativity, design and enterprise.

Hot Shots Coffee is one of the current TTW micro-businesses. The students gained a barista qualification and currently make and sell coffee to parents, visitors and staff.

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