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The junior school consists of three classes of 6-8 children aged from 5 years to approximately 9 or 10 years of age. All classes have a high staff to student ratio to assist them in their learning.

Transition to school is an important process. Teachers visit prospective new students in their preschool/kindergarten settings and children then visit the school prior to commencing at Suneden. Once children begin school, they may attend part time initially before attending full time in order to ease in to school life.  It is important to ensure that the transition to school is a successful one and that the child feels safe and happy in their new environment.

Strong links are encouraged between home and school with Communication Books, Negotiated Education Plans, and parental involvement all helping to ensure consistency between both environments.

Lessons incorporate ‘hands on’ activities to ensure that children are actively involved in their learning.   Particular emphasis is placed on early literacy and numeracy, communication and skills of independence.  Learning across all areas is supported through our multi-disciplinary philosophy of learning where our occupational therapist, speech pathologist and physiotherapist are integral to our classroom programmes.

Junior class children also participate in a range of activities outside the school. These include swimming, Kindergym, shopping, library and participation in special community events. Activities such as these assist with the development of a range of skills including gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy and social skills.

Junior classes enjoy exclusive access to the junior playground which is secure and well equipped with playground equipment, sandpit and bikes.